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Aleksandra Nykiel

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Aleksandra Nykiel

Aleksandra Nykiel is a Polish singer and musician. In 2019 she participated in show “Szansa na Sukces” in the city of Opole. She went on to win the competition, which earned her the right to perform at the Opole Festival in the same year in the Newcomer category. She began singing at the age of seven and enjoys singing as it gives hope and happiness.

Aleksandra returned to the show “Szansa na Sukces” in 2020 which was now used as Poland’s selection show for Eurovision. Like Saszan she was placed in the semi final where she had to perform a Eurovision cover. Her performance of “Save Your Kisses For Me” did not secure her a place in the selection final. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

Eurojury is the flagship broadcast of Showcase, celebrating the music of the Eurovision Song Contest with juries of up to 180 entertainment industry professionals. Rob Lilley has hosted the televised event since the fourth edition in 2016, succeeding Josh Dubovie and Linda Martin during the show's time as a radio broadcast. Eurojury is known for producing an accurate simulation of the results likely to be seen at the Eurovision Song Contest in May and is often used by bookmakers and broadcasters as a guide and prediction of the grand final result.

Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Poland debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 alongside a number of other Eastern European countries. Their debut year saw their best result to date, as Edyta Gorniak finished in 2nd place with her song “To nie ja!”. Following this, Poland failed to repeat this initial success, managing a top 10 placing on only one other occasion during their initial 1994-2011 run in the contest. In 2012, following a string of non-qualifications, Poland withdrew from the contest due to financial difficulties. Since their return in 2014, they have been considerably more successful in the contest, having qualified for the final for every year up to 2017. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

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